Fleet Allocations

Returns live allocations for the fleet older than the age parameter.

Method Content Type
GET application/json
Variable Description Optional
regionid The <regionid> from which the server will be allocated. This region ID is provided by Multiplay as these are custom values to your account. no
profileid The <profileid> identifying the fleet of the server to be allocated. no
uuid The <uuid> to use as the allocation identifier for the server once the allocation has been fulfilled. This must be a valid UUID. no
age The <age> gives the minimum age of the allocation to search for, e.g. 24h no

Example Response

        "profileid": 202138,
        "uuid": "db4dd033-c868-11e7-94d2-f45c89b3f559",
        "requestid": "d1219128-c888-11e7-9e77-f45c89b3f559",
        "regions": "d78a28f3-c888-11e7-8585-f45c89b3f559,d7bb08b5-c888-11e7-b242-f45c89b3f559",
        "requested": "2017-11-13T15:41:37Z",
        "created": "2017-11-13T15:40:54Z",
        "fulfilled": "2017-11-13T15:41:39Z",
        "eta": "2017-11-13T15:41:39Z",
        "serverid": 582945,
        "fleetid": "fca26bd7-c888-11e7-9334-f45c89b3f559",
        "regionid": "d78a28f3-c888-11e7-8585-f45c89b3f559",
        "machineid": 23009,
        "ip": "",
        "game_port": 8085
    { ... }
Timestamps are in RFC 3339 format.