Fleet Profile Switch

Profile switching for specified <FleetID> servers with given <ProfileID>, and <Timeout> specification for a forceful server restart.

Method Content Type
PATCH application/json
Variable Description Optional
ProfileID The profileid for which a Fleet’s servers should switch to no
Timeout An amount of time to wait before forcibly restarting all remaining servers that are yet to switch profile. no
MaxMachines The maximum amount of machines to process at any one time. Reccomended to use as this affects how many servers will be unavailable for the period of the switch. If undefined, all empty servers are processed at once. yes

Example JSON Payload

    "ProfileID": <profileID>,
    "Timeout": "<time>",
    "MaxMachines": <count>

Example Response

    "ServersPending": <ServersPending>,
    "ServersProcessed": <ServersProcessed>