Image Diff Reject

Rejects a completed or failed diff identified by <diffid>

Method Content Type
GET application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Variable Description Optional
accountserviceid The <accountserviceid> which grants permission to perform image operations no
diffid The <diffid> which identifies a diff in a completed or failed state to reject no
reinstall If specified with a value of 1 then the machine associated with the diff will have the image reinstalled to the last known good state no

Example Response (reinstall !=1)

    "diffid" : <diffid>

Example Response (reinstall = 1)

    "uninstalljobid" : <uninstalljobid>,
    "jobcreated" : <jobcreated>,
    "joberror" : <joberror>,
    "jobeta" : <jobeta>,
    "jobfailed" : <jobfailed>,
    "jobprogress" : <jobprogress>,
    "jobstart" : <jobstart>,
    "jobstateid" : <jobstateid>,
    "jobstatename" : <jobstatename>,
    "jobupdated" : <jobupdated>