Image Update Create

Creates a job to update the image identified by <imageid>

Method Content Type
GET application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Variable Description Optional
imageid The <imageid> of the image to update no
desc The description assigned to the image update no
machineid The <machineid> to perform the image update on no
accountserviceid The <accountserviceid> which grants permission to perform image operations no
url The URL from which to acquire the update (see below for more info) yes (if the image has a default <update_url>)

Example Response

    "updateid" : <updateid>,
    "jobcreated" : <jobcreated>,
    "joberror" : <joberror>,
    "jobeta" : <jobeta>,
    "jobfailed" : <jobfailed>,
    "jobprogress" : <jobprogress>,
    "jobstart" : <jobstart>,
    "jobstateid" : <jobstateid>,
    "jobstatename" : <jobstatename>,
    "jobupdated" : <jobupdated>

Upload URLs

The URL from which to acquire the update.
Currently steam, google storage and s3 protocol URL’s are supported e.g.

S3 URL syntax


When using this api call you will need to fragment encode <accesskey> and your <secrectkey> and then encode the full s3 bucket link with the previously encoded keys

Steam URL syntax

login can be either anonymous or <username>:<password>

This also needs to be encoded if passed through the API, the manual update process through the panel such as Game Updates does not need to be encoded.

Google Storage URL Syntax

gce_credentials is a URL encoded body from a Google Cloud Service account file.

Optional steam query parameters

platformtype=<windows|linux|macos> - convar @sSteamCmdForcePlatformType
platformbitness=<32|64> - convar @sSteamCmdForcePlatformBitness
guardcode=<guardcode> - <guardcode> passed to the login command
beta=<beta> - <beta> passed to the app_update command -beta parameter
betapassword=<password> - <password> passed to the app_update command -betapassword parameter
appmod=<mod> - <mod> passed to the app_set_config command mod parameter