Image Version Create

Creates a new image version for the image identified by the image difference <diffid>
If the image difference has no changes a full image will be created.

It is best practice to create a full image every so often by setting the full variable to 1 to prevent your images from becoming excessively large, which can lead to slow deployment times when scaling into the cloud.

Method Content Type
GET application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Variable Description Optional
diffid The <diffid> of a completed image diff no
restart The default value for restart when installing the created image version.
A value of 1 will result in the stop of all servers dependent by this image when performing an install, followed by a restart once install is complete
accountserviceid The <accountserviceid> which grants permission to perform image operations no
install_at The unix timestamp at which to perform a scheduled install or NOW() for install without delay.
Currently scheduled updates are not supported so this parameter should be either omitted for manual install or set to NOW()!
full Requests the image version be a full image.
This must be set to 1 if called from a diff which had zero changes, otherwise it must be set to 0 or omitted.
game_build A value with identifies the games internal build. (This was game_version)
If given then on successful completion the <version> field of Clanforge Game Version value will be set to the specified value.
force A value that specifies whether to force the image version creation even if there are active allocations. By default, if there are active allocations when you make this request, it will fail. To bypass this behavior and force the image version creation, set force=1. yes

Example Response

    "imageversionid" : <imageversionid>,
    "jobcreated" : <jobcreated>,
    "joberror" : <joberror>,
    "jobeta" : <jobeta>,
    "jobfailed" : <jobfailed>,
    "jobprogress" : <jobprogress>,
    "jobstart" : <jobstart>,
    "jobstateid" : <jobstateid>,
    "jobstatename" : <jobstatename>,
    "jobupdated" : <jobupdated>