Image Version Status

Returns the status of image version identified by <imageversionid>.

Method Content Type
GET application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Variable Description Optional
accountserviceid The <accountserviceid> which grants permission to perform image operations no
imageversionid The <imageversionid> returned by a previous call to Image Create Version no

Example Response

    "imageversionid" : <imageversionid>,
    "jobcreated" : <jobcreated>,
    "joberror" : <joberror>,
    "jobeta" : <jobeta>,
    "jobfailed" : <jobfailed>,
    "jobprogress" : <jobprogress>,
    "jobstart" : <jobstart>,
    "jobstateid" : <jobstateid>,
    "jobstatename" : <jobstatename>,
    "jobupdated" : <jobupdated>

Possible job states (values of jobstateid):

jobstateid Description
1 Created (new job)
2 Pending (waiting to be queued)
3 Queued (waiting to be processed)
4 Running
5 Completed
6 Failed