Reserves a serverid on a specific machine. Unlike allocations, reservations need to be run from the dedicated server itself when players join or when the server is in an active state, as both machineid and serverid are generated on Clanforge itself and passed through to the gameserver.

Method Content Type
GET application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Variable Description Optional
machineid An machineid is a Virtual or Bare Metal ID generated from Clanforge no
serverid The serverid is a gameserver instance ID generated from Clanforge no

Example Response

  "success": <status>,
  "messages": [],
  "allocation": {
    "profileid": <profileid>,
    "uuid": "<uuid>",
    "regions": "<regions>",
    "created": "<created>",
    "requested": "<requested>",
    "fulfilled": "<fufilled>",
    "serverid": <serverid>,
    "fleetid": "<fleetid>",
    "regionid": "<regionid>",
    "machineid": <machineid>,
    "ip": "<ip>",
    "game_port": <port>,