Server Save

Updates the server identified by <serverid> with the passed details

Method Content Type
GET application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Variable Description Optional
profileid The of the profile to change the server to. yes
name The name to assign to the server. yes
active Action the server:
0 = stop the server
1 = start the server
2 = auto restart (if server has changed)
3 = restart the server
4 = prevent profile change restart

If action is not specified the server will remain at its current state, however if a different profileid is specified and the server is active the server will be restarted to switch it to the new profile.

Example Response

    "gameversions" : [
            "gameversionid" : <gameversionid>,
            "gameid" : <gameid>,
            "name" : <name>,
            "version" : <version>,
            "identifier" : <identifier>,
            "description" : <description>,