Profile List v3

This API is in BETA and subject to change.

Paginated list of profiles identified by the criteria.

First page example


Inverse profile_id sorted first page example


Inverse profile_id sorted next page example


 - 30 = last profile_id on previous page

Method Content Type
Paging/Sorting Description Optional
last_id Last value of the profile_id on previous page If not paging
last_val Last value of the sort column on previous page (if no sort supplied this is profile_id) If not paging
sort_dir Sort direction e.g. asc, desc yes
sort_by Column to sort by. Defaults to profile_id. Others are to be implemented yes
limit Page size. Default 100. Maximum 1000 yes
Filtering Description Optional
image_id Image to filter for. Supports multiple e.g. image_id=eq:1 image_id=eq:2 yes
profile_id Profile id to filter for e.g. profile_id=eq:1000 yes
game_type Game type to filter for e.g. game_type=eq:mygametype yes

Example Response

    data: [{
        "profile_id" : <profile_id>,
        "fleet_id" : <fleet_id>