Server List v3

This API is in BETA and subject to change.

Paginated list of servers identified by the criteria.

First page example


Inverse name sorted first page example


Inverse name sorted next page page example


 - 30 = last server_id on previous page
 - svrname = last server name on previous page

Method Content Type
Paging/Sorting Description Optional
last_id Last value of the server_id on previous page If not paging
last_val Last value of the sort column on previous page (if no sort supplied this is server_id) If not paging
sort_dir Sort direction e.g. asc, desc yes
sort_by Column to sort by, if not specified uses server_id. Supports name yes
limit Page size. Default 100. Maximum 1000 yes
Filtering Description Optional
name Name of server to filter for. Supports multiple e.g. name=eq:svr1 name=eq:svr2 yes
fleet_id The fleet to return servers for e.g. eq:50b3134b-19b7-4237-baa2-c1a9c76ac849 yes
region_id The region to return servers for e.g. eq:029d72a3-5ed1-42d0-802f-9344ad0b3465 yes
allocated Whether the server is allocated e.g. eq:true, eq:false yes
image_id Image the server is running e.g. eq:1000 yes
game_type Game type of the server e.g. eq:mygametype yes

Example Response

    data: [{
        "server_id" : <server_id>,
        "machine_id" : <machine_id>,
        "name" : <name>,
        "deleted" : <deleted>,
        "profile_id" : <profile_id>